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CFMOTO Snyper 800 ZForce 800 on a trail near you! Alberta, Canada

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Using the DriftHD Helmet camera and an external microphone, I took a quick video of the amazing Cfmoto Snyper 800. Just a quick ride, but hopefully it will give you some insight in to the fun factor of this amazing side by side! Try one; you will like it! Its top speed is just over 110kms, and it gets there in a hurry! I have the windshield and roof on order as well as a heater planned for the winter. As I add those I will make more videos.I feel so dumb because I kept saying LCD lights instead of LED which means Light emitting Diode. Feel free to ask me anything about the Snyper 800. So far I really like it! I got mine from Glendon Motorsports in Glendon Alberta.

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