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Grand Theft Auto V: How To Have Sex (GTA 5 Sex Tutorial)

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Hey This GTA 5 How To Have Sex Hope You Enjoy!
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The Guide
How To Pick Up the Ladies of the Night
The first thing you probably want to know about is how to invite the ladies of the night into your vehicle of love. Well, GTA 5 has a couple of things that are different from previous iterations.

First of all, these ladies will pay you no attention while the sun is up, so you'd better wait until nighttime. Secondly, you won't find them just anywhere, so we've also included a map of the most popular hotspots.

Roll up in a nice car, preferably a sports car, or a cool-looking sedan at least.

You might want to toot your horn if they don't come to you. Furthermore, make sure you're not wanted by the police; it's hard to get in the mood for some lovin' if you're forced to dodge bullets every now and then.

If you've managed to get one of them in the passenger seat, find a secluded area. Most alleyways will do the trick, or a large, empty parking lot. Just make sure there aren't any cars or pedestrians about, and she'll be happy.

She will also let you know whether the area you've stopped at is unsuitable.

Once she's happy with the location, you'll be given a list of options. Each one has a different price, but it's suffice to say you'll probably find them all to be to your satisfaction.

Once the first round is done, you can choose to end the session or try something else.

Booty Calls and Strip Clubs
You have the option of charming your partner during a private dance at the strip club.

Head on down to where the exotic dancers are. This action is also much easier to complete if you're playing as Trevor and have already purchased the Strip club. Furthermore, keep in mind that certain dancers will not offer the booty call.

Ask for a private session from one of the dancers, and during the session, chat them up and touch them in an effort to increase the like meter. If the bouncer outside notices, and you aren't the owner of the club, he can warn you not to touch the dancer.

If you do not heed the warning, you may be kicked out of the club.

If you manage to fill the like meter, she may give you the option to go home with her. Select this, and then get into a vehicle, picking her up from where she's waiting behind the club.

Drive to her home and the cinematic covers the rest.

After a successful booty call, you may receive a sexy picture of your new friend-with-benefits over the phone.
This ''GTA 5 HOW TO HAVE SEX'' GTA 5 SEX'' is pretty fun to do in gta 5 and its so easy all you have to do is this...
#1 head to the strip club
#2 dance with a lady
#3 get the like bar to the top
#4 take her home
#5 they have sex
easy as

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